Over Movember 2008

2 12 2008

Well, that’s it for another year. Many thanks to Josh, Ian, Tim and Dave for joining the team and giving us all a little MOtivation to raise some funds.

Dave on the last day of Mo

Dave on the last day of Mo

According to the team’s online account $670 raised, but the proceeds from the morning tea haven’t been updated. They have been deposited though – so add another $112.

Great effort and a big thank you to all donors, moughnut and cupcake eaters.

In Australia, more than 124,000 people registered and raised over $13 million dollars. Check out the Movember Money page for more information.


Morning tea and games

24 11 2008
Fun and games

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smile for the camera

14 11 2008

Josh on Day 14

Almost half-way there.

The mo bro nod

13 11 2008

I haven’t seen much of this going on in the corridors.

Slo-mo by Growmo

Ian is incentivated! – Day 12

12 11 2008

Ian received his incentive for collecting donations today. Here is he is pictured with the specialist comb for moustache grooming.

Ian showing off his specialist moustache comb and 12 days of growth.

Ian showing off his specialist moustache comb and 12 days of growth.

Dave is MOtivated

10 11 2008

Going strong on Day 10.

Dave is MOtivated

Dave is MOtivated

Staff go nuts over moughnuts

7 11 2008

A big thank-you to all the IS staff who took part in the moughnut drive.

S and A heady on the aroma of moughnuts

The keenest supporters arrived early to breathe in that Krispy Kreme aroma…

and Josh shows off his mo growing effort at Day 7.

moughnut anyone?

moughnut anyone?