Over Movember 2008

2 12 2008

Well, that’s it for another year. Many thanks to Josh, Ian, Tim and Dave for joining the team and giving us all a little MOtivation to raise some funds.

Dave on the last day of Mo

Dave on the last day of Mo

According to the team’s online account $670 raised, but the proceeds from the morning tea haven’t been updated. They have been deposited though – so add another $112.

Great effort and a big thank you to all donors, moughnut and cupcake eaters.

In Australia, more than 124,000 people registered and raised over $13 million dollars. Check out the Movember Money page for more information.


Mobilising for Movember 2008

23 10 2008

Bond University’s Information Services team is MObilising once again to take part in Movember 2008.
There is a new line up of growers with Josh and Ian registered and Pat committed to cultivating a stache.

There might be one or two others who come on board (there is time left to work on them).

A big thanks to Sarah and Jane who have agreed to help arrange a morning tea for IS staff complete with mo-decorated cupcakes to support the blokes.